Doug the Neighbor
1 min readApr 29


=LAUGHS=..April/2023…-DOUG the NEIGHBOR-

=Laughter is the BEST Medicine-

>Not all donuts have holes.

>Today is a -CUP CAKE… kind of Day- Treat yourself.

>Inspecting mirrors is a job I could see myself doing.

>Is it too late for coffee or too early for Margaritas?

>Drink coffee… if you don’t want to do anything, but want to look like you are thinking about doing something.

>I started out being BOLD…but I lost my ‘B’…

>I forgot to do Yoga yesterday. That makes six years in a row.

>Two wrongs don’t make a right. But 2 Margaritas usually do.

>I am so bad with plants, they are shaking in their roots.

>When you plant kisses, you get…Tulips.

>The Earth has music for those that listen.

>You can’t steer a parked car.

>His cheese slide off his cracker.

>When the freezing rain hits, it feels like… -HAIL-

>Tequila may not be the answer, but it ‘s worth a shot.

=Laughter is the BEST Medicine=

<Doug the Neighbor>




Doug the Neighbor