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=‘TITCH’ PARTRIDGE=…’Fancy’ Nancy…Stumpy

Excerpts from… ‘Tag-A-Long ‘Titch’ Partridge”…soon to be published by Arlene Perry, reporter for the Manchester Evening News paper, Manchester England.

Arlene Perry, from Manchester, England, is a news paper reporter for the Manchester Evening News, who travels the United States in a van called ‘The Eagle’ that doubles as a book mobile bringing books to rural hard to reach places devoid of access to libraries. She has been featured on the tv show 60 Minutes and various media outlets. She has published 3 books. All books published thru DTN Publishing.

>Peaches Loves Charlie Blue Bell-…Photo book of her dogs.

>Ten Men Called Lumpy-…How 10 men got the nickname Lumpy.

>The Eagle…How her van doubles as a home and book mobile.

>’Tag A Long ‘Titch’ Partridge’…soon to be published.

‘Titch’ Partridge…gunslinger, cattle rustler, bank robber, card shark. Bad Man. Born around 1834 near Iowa City, Iowa. Last recored mention…1881. Stories from diaries, news paper accounts, legends.

> ‘FANCY’ Nancy-

“There I was… rustling cattle up from Mexico thru Texas. I stopped near Junction, Texas, at ‘Fancy’ Nancy’s ‘Cross T Ranch’ to hide the cattle and given them a rest for awhile, water up and feed. I had a buyer up in Oklahoma. I tell you what, I was sweet on that ‘Fancy’ Nancy. Now, here say, I being a gentleman and I can’t says but my other rustler buddies would stay at ‘Fancy’ Nancy’s. She was not a ‘sporting gal.’ But she would ask ‘one head of cattle for each night of sweetness’ and make ya a good breakfast with cornbread. So, she wasn’t taking money like them town ‘Buffalo Gals.’ ‘Fancy’ Nancy had her pride. Did you know ‘Fancy’ Nancy had the largest herd of cattle in the state? I sure miss her cornbread.”


“There I was…passing thru Lubbock. I wanted to rob the Lubbock Stockman’s Bank because the cattle auction had just happened. I knew that the bank would be full of money and well guarded. It was gonna be a tough job. The night before I went to Miss Connie’s Pink Pleasure House to see Miss Connie. It was the prettiest house in Lubbock. You got a drink of good whiskey. A hot bath and they cleaned your clothes, plus a shave. All for $8. And since I had been on the trail for three months. I was ready for Miss Connie. Now Miss Connie was called ‘Big Connie’ because she was a ‘big ole gal’ that could scare a buffalo with her size…



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