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Excerpts from ‘Tag A Long ‘Titch’ Partridge’…soon to be published book by Arlene Perry, reporter for the Manchester Evening News, Manchester, England.

Arlene Perry is a reporter for the Manchester Evening News, Manchester, England, who travels the United States of America in her van ‘The Eagle’ that doubles as a book mobile bringing books to rural hard to reach places devoid of access to libraries. She has been featured on the tv show 60 Minutes and various media outlets. She has published 3 books.

>Peaches Loves Charlie Blue Bell…Photo book of her dogs.

>Ten Men Called Lumpy…How 10 men got the nickname Lumpy.

>The Eagle…How her van doubles as a home and book mobile.


‘Titch’ Partridge…Gun Slinger. Cattle Rustler. Bank Robber. Card Shark. Bad Man. Born around 1834 near Iowa City, Iowa. Last recored mention 1881.

Stories from diaries, newspaer accounts, legends.

>-Dirt & Nu-Nu-

“There I was… in EL Paso, Texas. I had just rustled cattle up from Mexico with the Campbell’s, Junior and his dad Joe. Honnery people. Made good money. I wanted a good steak with a shot of whiskey, a hot bath and a good night’s sleep. Three months sleeping in a bed roll and riding in the saddle was hard on my back. Felt like I had a cactus stuck to it.

I wandered into the Border Town Saloon to watch the ‘Dance Hall’ girls and other things. The Border Town was a clean place and was noted for pretty girls. I’s like pretty girls. There were two girls that caught my eye. I had won $50 at the card table and I told Bab’s the Madame I would spend the money back on the house. Bab’s said the two were like sisters who needed money because they were on the run for shooting their husbands. I likes dangerous womens. Bab’s pointed out ‘Dirt and Nu-Nu.’ I was never with 2 gals before. Well, maybe up in Dimmit…then there in Sprawl, north of Dallas, but that was in a water tank. We were naked as a Blue Jay. Now…I had been on the trail for three months so I was not gonna ‘shoot the cannon and run’ …I wanted to talk with two pretty ladies. I invited them for dinner in the private dining room at The Hotel del Notre. I had to clean my boots. The ladies showed up on time and we had a quick drink of something called Champagne. Bubble water from France. We started with a plate of oysters. Never had those before either. Looks like snot. The girls liked them…

Doug the Neighbor