‘TITCH’ PARTRIDGE…Forward by Arlene Perry.

Doug the Neighbor
1 min readMay 17

Some where in Texas…

Thank you Mark Douglas of DTN Publishing for supporting my writing and allowing me to publish my 5th book…’Tag A Long ‘Titch’ Partridge. And to Phillip Carpenter of The Manchester Evening News, whose kindness and loyalty saw the future of working remote, traveling the Untied States of America writing about The Colonists.

Tag A Long ‘Titch’ Partridge… is a personnel journey. Somehow. Some way. I believe I am related to him. As I do my research, I get closer and closer to the truth. The Manchester, England, Partridge family were Loyalists during the American Revolution, moving from Albany, New York, to Perry Sound, Ontario, Canada. A branch then settled back to Iowa. ‘Titch’ Partridge is part of my family. I just have to prove it.

Thank you to the various libraries, educational institutions and families of Texas who helped me do my research. My van ‘The Eagle’ has 150 kilometers, or American miles. Peaches and Charlie Blue Bell are doing splendid.

Please enjoy my other books available at DTN Publishing.

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