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Excerpts from… ‘Tag a Long Titch’ Partridge…soon to be published book by Arlene Perry, reporter for the Manchester Evening News, Manchester England.

Arlene Perry, from Manchester, England is a news paper reporter for the Manchester Evening News, who travels the Untied States in a van called ‘The Eagle’ that doubles as a book mobile bringing books to hard to reach rural places devoid of access to libraries. She has been interviewed on the tv show 60 Minutes and various media outlets. She has published 3 books. All published by DTN Publishing.

>Peaches Loves Charlie Blue Bell…a photo study of her dogs.

>10 Men Called Lumpy…How ten men got the nickname Lumpy.

>The Eagle..how her van doubles as a home and book mobile.

‘Titch’ Partridge…Gun slinger. Cattle rustler. Bank robber. Card shark. Bad man. Born around 1834 near Iowa City, Iowa. Last recorded mention 1881.

Stories collected from diaries, newspaper accounts, legends.

> SWEET WATER BANK WAS ROBBED…Sweet Water Journal…March 12 1850…Sam Gelfand…reporter.

Four men dressed in chicken feathers and wearing masks robbed the Sweet Water Bank yesterday. They shot into the ceiling and scared Miss Tobin, the bank teller, to hand over the money in the drawer. They hog-tied Peter Kinnon, the manager, and took all the money in the safe about $2,500.00. Sheriff Denton said it was the oddest thing he has heard of in 30 years. Bank robbers wearing chicken feathers. Sheriff Denton and the bank posted a $400.00 reward for The Chicken Gang.

“There I was…about 16 when my brothers decided to rob the Sweet Water Bank. Jed did the planning. He was the smart one of the brothers. Tom decided flour sacks with eye holes cut out would work as masks. I says… “we would get stopped at the door looking like every other bank robber. Hats. Masks. Guns. We should…put chicken feathers in our hats and have them sticking out of our coats and boots. Throw them in the air when we shoot ’em up. That is all they will remember. And when we walk out the bank door, take off our masks, give a shake so all the feathers fall out. Then walk down Main Street like we own the town. The Sheriff will be looking for men with feathers.” So that was the plan and I was to hold the horses at the edge of town. But one of the horses bucked at the rail and landed on my foot. My foot swelled up and when the brothers walked over to the horses like it was a Sunday walk, Abner had to help me get up on the horse. We rode clean out of town as everyone was searching for the bank robbers dressed in feathers. Thing is…I say something was wrong with that there bank. We only got $800 not $2500. That Sheriff Denton ought to do his job and talk to that bank manager. Wished that newspaper reporter used a different name for us. That is cow hooey. We liked The Rooster Boys. Because now we can never brag about being… The Chicken Gang.”


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